Best dog breeds for women: Friendly and faithful forever

Chances are if you have a big garden and backyard you have a dog too! I know I do! So today we are going to look at great dog breeds for women in particular 🙂 

Dogs have been a part of the human society for a very long time. Dogs remain forever faithful to their masters carrying out all orders diligently and carefully. World Canine Organisation has reported there are 339 breeds of dogs which have been categorised further into 10 smaller subgroups: –

  • Sheepdogs & cattle dogs: Pointers
  • Pinscher: Retrievers
  • Terriers: Companion dogs
  • Dachshunds: Light hounds
  • Scent Hounds: Spitz

The best dog breeds for women have been chalked out, let’s see which suits you the best.

Best dog breeds for women who live alone

Rottweiler: – Rottweiler are huge sized dog breeds. They are very efficient as a watchdog and definitely serve the purpose of a very cosy companion to their masters. For a single woman, the rottweilers will not only keep her safe and protected but will also be her warm friend with whom, she can easily while away her time.

German Shepherd: – These dogs are also very large in size. They are best known for their loud bark and hence they get trained for being used by the army and police. Since they are fierce and agile, they serve a very good purpose in protecting their masters. They are very loyal, friendly and easily socialize with people. Nevertheless, they are very intelligent also. Hence, they are a good match for a woman staying all by herself.

Best dog breeds for women who are working individuals

French Bulldog: – These dog breeds have small faces and their bark is usually very soft.  Moreover, they do not bark so often also. When their lady is out for work, these pets can stay in the apartment and can accompany the lady’s kids since they are very kids’ friendly. French Bulldogs are very affectionate and hence are a good source of relief to their mistress after she comes back home from her job.

Best Product:

Chihuahua: – They are small sized dogs who look like tender puppies. However, these dogs are very famous for their aggression and bitterness in behaviour. However, if taken good care, they are very affectionate as well. When the lady goes for work, these dogs are the best since these are not boisterous and will extend a warm, loving hug to its tired lady after she returns from office. Hence, they serve as one of the best dog breeds for women.

Best dog breeds for women who want dogs with long life expectancy

Lhasa Apso: –These dogs are small in size with long, silky furs. They are docile and very affectionate. However, they turn bitter to intruders who intervene with its space of comfort.  These dogs are very friendly and cute. They can be easily trained. However, they do not have a loud and deep bark like the guard dogs or watchdogs.

Beagle: –Beagles are very good family dogs. They have a perfect equation with kids and are very friendly. They do not have an aggressive bark. They are more the sort of making friends rather than barking or howling at unfamiliar beings. If you go a Beagle make sure you read about the best dog food for a beagle first! It can be very expensive.

Do check these little cute beings and take one home very soon to pamper or to be pampered!

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